How Rehome Your Guinea Pig(s)

Create a Listing that WORKS!

1. Have A PHOTO READY first!

2. Accurate LOCATION info

3. MULTIPLE ways to CONTACT you

4. REAL rehoming reason

5. Nice description

6. ALWAYS ask for an ADOPTION FEE!


Any listings that say or imply “free to a good home” will be removed immediately. Unless you want your guinea pigs going as snake food, people food or to labs or schools for research, ask a modest adoption fee to weed them out.

We want to help you rehome your guinea pig and all it takes is a LITTLE EFFORT now to create a great listing and find a NICE NEW HOME!

Be Responsive and Be Courteous

If you do not have your phone number listed, people will only be able to contact you via email. Please respond to ALL serious inquiries. Be polite as you would wish others would be if you were in search of a new pet.

Keep in mind that this is the internet. Tone and wording aren’t the same as face-to-face communication.

Please REMOVE Your Listing AS SOON AS the guinea pig is no longer available! This is important to others. We see a cute photo and fall in love. Break fewer hearts by keeping your listing updated and removed promptly.

No Breeders

People who think

  • they are teaching their children about the birds and the bees, or
  • let them have one litter, or
  • let them do what they do naturally

and intentionally allow a male and a female to be together are BREEDERS.

If that is you, you may NOT use this website. We do not support nor condone breeding of pets. Unless you are well-educated in genetics, you are a backyard breeder. Other euphemisms include: hobby breeder, show breeder, 4H’er etc.

Any breeder listings will be removed.

We understand accidental litters and we understand being sold a pregnant female as well as the plethora of missexed guinea pigs from pet stores — more reasons to ADOPT FIRST.

List & Missed

Doing the right thing helps all!

Create a rehoming listing for your guinea pig(s). Give it a little bit of time and soon your guinea pig will find a new home. You’ll be missing them before you know it. Rehoming on your own SAVES LIVES! It keeps a space free at the Rescue to save other lives.


When you create a guinea pig adoption listing on Guinea Pig Finder, if you choose or if your adopter asks, we will send your adopter a wonderful “Welcome to the Guinea Pig community” email that contains GREAT STARTER INFO along with some GREAT DISCOUNTS on Guinea Pig Cages and Supplies from leading, participating vendors.