*SOLD* Bonded FRIENDLY Abyssinian Sow Sisters

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Meet two very special 2 year old Abyssinian sisters: Jupiter (black and white, named after the song Drops of Jupiter by Train) and Cuy (brown, named jokingly and lovingly after the Peruvian dish of guinea pig BUT NOT an actual meal herself).

These are two blood-related sisters with a very close bond and very distinct personalities. Cuy is quiet, curious, and very friendly even to the point of greeting complete strangers. She loves adventure and floor time, and while she's a bit too energetic to enjoy cuddles, she LOVES being pet within her cage or floor pen - stretching out/"pancaking" while receiving pets in complete bliss. Jupiter is a vocal and demanding lovebug princess who, opposite of Cuy, enjoys cuddles and watching TV with her humans - once you're able to catch her from beloved cage! She is less adventurous and sticks closely to her precious sister during floor escapades. But if Cuy ventures onto any hardwood floor, forget it! Jupiter will stay behind on the safe carpet land begging her sister to return.

Both are very sweet and intelligent pigs and deserve a home filled with love with an owner willing to form a real bond with these girls. They will love you to the ends of the Earth and showcase their adorable, unique personalities if you do!

For purchase it will be $100 total for both pigs (MUST be bought together) + full 5x2 lidded C&C cage with fleece for the pigs' comfort, along with paper for litter and a "kitchen"/litter box section and second floor included with the cage. The cage also has additional panels to allow it to be raised for convenient cubby space. Toys, "pigloos," and chews, along with treats and hay + pellets also included; everything they're familiar with so that their transition to their new home is a comfortable and happy one!

I personally will gladly take extra time to talk with anyone interested about what these girls are like and allow them to see the pigs first and ask questions. My goal is to find these wonderful creatures that have hearts full of love a happy HOME they can enjoy and thrive in for years to come, so I'm willing to do what I can to help you help them, which in turn helps me sleep easy knowing that they're going to the loving furever home they deserve and in turn can bring light to someone else's life.

If interested, please contact my cell at (919)521-0610 via text, or feel free to call and leave a voicemail if I don't respond, and I will return your call ASAP. I can also be reached via email at andiejbur@gmail.com. I will be out of town from June 22nd-June 30th (pigs will be in excellent, trusted care while I am away), but I will still be available to take calls and coordinate times to meet the pigs/etc for when I return in July.

Thank you so much for considering my wonderful furbabies as an addition to your home, and hopefully we talk soon!

Happy Wheeks to come,


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Due to life changes with the human pig parents separating, these loveable, smart fur babies are in need of a home that is able to provide the attention and care they deserve.


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CARY, North Carolina  27513
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