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Rescue Groups November 13, 2011 17612
2 male guinea pigs looking for good home

I have 2 male guinea pigs that need a good home. They come with a 8sq ft open cage each, water bottles, huts and supplies for a month.They are 3 years old, have not been neutered because they are in separate cages but close together with cable ties joining the cage together, so 16 sq ft of cage space all together.
They have been well looked after, just not the right pet for our family, my kids don't interact with them all we do is feed them and clean, keep them in good condition and safe from harm.
I separated the brothers when I senses some aggression but did not know enough about them to know for sure if they were being territorial or not. I am not sure how they will bond. They don't bite, still a little skittish but have nice natures.

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