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Rescue Groups November 13, 2011 15399
Guinea Pig In Need Of Rescue

Hello my name is Anecia Clark. I have a guinea pig named Rollsvelt in
need of a good home. I have moved into a new residence and they do not
allow small animals. I was inquiring if there is any way you guys
could help me find a good place for him. He's over a year old and a
really sweet boy. He has a cage and a bowl and he's litter pan
trained. If you guys could rescue him or let me know of any other
options it will be very much obliged.

Owner's reply

Anecia I have responded to your emails a couple of times. Please check your spam folders if you are not receiving them. There is a place on this site under the Guinea Pig Directory to list your pigs yourself. If you are having trouble I'm sure the site owner can help.

This listing is not affiliated with our rescue.

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