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Yorki needs a home

Hi my name is michael harris, my son michael has a Guinea Pig that we need to surrender due to not being ablet to keep him at the apartment we are not living in. he is male black and white and loves to held. if I could afford to keep him I would but I cannot. so I would love nothing more for him to find a great home to live. thanks

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Two Female Guinea Pigs Need A Loving Home

I have two precious beautiful guinea pigs needing a loving and nurturing home. The owner is unable to care for them due to a change in their work schedule. They are female, and both have not reached a year old yet. Their names are Paris and Caramel. Pictures will come soon.

Owner's reply

There is a place on GPZ to list your pigs. The rescue area is not the place to do it. Any one that is interested, please know these pigs are not part of our rescue. We can't verify the sex or health of any pigs listed here.

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2 male guinea pigs looking for good home

I have 2 male guinea pigs that need a good home. They come with a 8sq ft open cage each, water bottles, huts and supplies for a month.They are 3 years old, have not been neutered because they are in separate cages but close together with cable ties joining the cage together, so 16 sq ft of cage space all together.
They have been well looked after, just not the right pet for our family, my kids don't interact with them all we do is feed them and clean, keep them in good condition and safe from harm.
I separated the brothers when I senses some aggression but did not know enough about them to know for sure if they were being territorial or not. I am not sure how they will bond. They don't bite, still a little skittish but have nice natures.

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Info on Yorki??

Hi Michael. Do you still have Yorki? I am looking for a friend to accompany my adult male right now. He is lonely. Do you think Yorki would bond with another male guinea. Mine is not neutered. Is Yorki? I would like more info on him if you think the situation is appropriate for him. Thanks.

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Would love to be a foster

My husband and I would love to adopt/become fosters for guinea pigs. We live in Alabama though, about two hours away, but are hoping you would love to have us help anyways. We love rescues, but sadly there is only one piggy rescue in my state and she does not reply to emails. I have no idea how many times I have emailed her in the past 6 months trying to ask about piggies up for adoption.

I am a SAHM, and my husband is a teacher. Someone is always home, mostly me, and we do not take vacations ever. We have a three bedroom, two bathroom home, and would have plenty of space for C&C cages. We currently have a young female guinea pig, Tiger Lily. Sadly, her buddy Petunia passed away about two days ago. Vet believes she choked on her food and died in the night. Its been very hard, but it has opened our hearts to wanting to foster. Our toddler loves to help. She carries the veggies and fruit and "watches" Tiger Lily when I clean the cage. (She is in a safe smaller cage beside me, but my daughter lays in front of the cage telling me everything she does.) We've both always had rescues growing up and since we have been married, so why should piggies be any different? Would love to hear back from someone, even if it is a "Sorry, you are too far away." Thank you for your time. :)

The Thompson Family

Owner's reply

I am sorry this is the first I've seen of this! I just got into this site and am now catching up on all the comments! Yikes!

I would love to have another foster home. Please email me at lisa@amgpr.org. That will be the best way to communicate.

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Looking for a new home for young male guinea pig

We have a young male guinea pig that we are looking for a good home with another pig. We have had him a few months now. Unfortunately, his cage mate (another sweet male pig) passed away yesterday. We have taken very good care of our pigs. I'm only looking for a good home for him because he needs another buddy, and we have decided that having dogs in our home presents too much of a risk for the safety of our pigs. Unfortuately, one of our dogs is the cause of death for our pig that just passed. The pig we have left is very sweet and loves attention. We are very worried about him not having a cage mate. Please let me know if anyone is interested in giving him a good home with another pig. We have a good sized cage 41" wide x 19" deep, along with all other supplies that would go with him. Please only reply if you are interested in giving him a very good home with another pig. Thank you - Wendy Matheny

Owner's reply

Please send all surrender inquiries to the email address above.

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Guinea pigs need home ASAP! Please help!

I am moving in a couple weeks and I desperately need to find a home for my two guinea pigs Sweet Pea and Lucinda! Could anyone possibly take them in or find them a home?? I live in Atlanta...please help!

Owner's reply

All surrender inquiries need to be sent to email above.

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2 young, Female Guinea Pigs need good, new home.....W.Ga./Ala. area

I have 2 young (under 2 yrs old) Female guinea pigs that need a good, new home. They are healthy and happy but our cats get into their room where their cage is kept and intimidate them on occasion, and I think they would do better in a cat free home. Aurora is cinnamon in color and Sushi is a tri colored blk/wht/cinnamon. They are very sweet and love their veggies! They will come with their big cage, equipped with feeding bowl, water dispenser and hiding igloo. Email me for pics. dprgenie@aol.com

Owner's reply

All surrender inquiries need to be sent to email above.

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Sweet, young guinea pig needs home full of love!

We have a 1 1/2 yr. old female guinea pig for adoption to a loving home. Princess has a beautiful gray and white coat and a lovely personality. Her cage, igloo, water bottle and other accessories are included. She will be a great friend and family pet. Free. East Cobb. email dd300188@aol.com for photos.

Owner's reply

All surrender inquiries should be sent to email above.

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Surrenders - PLEASE READ

Because this is solely a volunteer based rescue and time is not a luxury, please send all surrender inquiries to the email noted above.

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looking to adopt a guinea pig

Hi my name is Heather. I am looking to adopt a male guinea pig to be a buddy for my male guinea pig. I bought the one I have now from a pet store, but I have decided that it is best to adopt one that needs a home from a rescue. When I bought Tyce(my guinea pig) I bought 2 but one acted sick within two days of having him so I took him to 2 different vets because the first one did not know what was wrong with him. I found out that he had pneumonia and the vet put him on antibiotics but he did not make it. He only lived for a week after I bought him so I made the decision to wait on getting another one because I wanted to make sure that Tyce was healthy and did not infect another guinea pig. It has been 4 months now and he is just as healthy as ever so I think it is time to find him a friend. We have a C&C cage and everything we need so my question is how do I go about adopting one from there? Also do you have any males avalable for adoption? My email is nicole4a3@yahoo.com and my number is 423-322-0708 just incase :)

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I am interested in helping out where I can. I have always like guinea pigs and think they really get a raw deal in life often sold to neglectful children as first pets. I would be willing to foster. If you are still in need please email.


Owner's reply

Gary, I do not have your email but please email me at the address at the top of the page so we can futher discuss fostering.

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my male guinea pig needs a home!

I have a male piglett about 1 1/2 years old who is need of a home. If a good natured warm loving person could would take him that would be great. I work at a vet hospital he is very healthy. I just am expecting an child soon and im afraid he may be neglected due to the caring of the new baby. if you would like him free of charge. Cage included and sippy bottle included. Please emailme asap at yvettejohnson21@gmail.com

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piglett has been adopted!

My piglet has beeen adopted! I pray the rest of the piglets find great loving homes

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2 Healthy Guinea Pigs need a good home!

I have two beautiul healthy guinea pigs that I need to find a good home for. They are both males and I would like them to stay together, they have always been together. Both of them are a little over a year old. They have mutil- unique colors and they are sweet and loving! Please contact me if you are interested.

Owner's reply

There is a section on this website for private individuals to list their pigs for adoptions. This is not a listing affiliated with our rescue.

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We are interested in giving a guinea pig a home. Please let us know if you need someone to bring yours home :)

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guinea pigs still available?

Hi Courtney, Saw your post. are they still available. We are planning to get 2 this month and discovered the rescue sight. Please email me at the above yahoo address. Thanks, Lori

Owner's reply

The post you are referring to is not affiliated with the rescue. If you'd like to see our available pigs you can find them on Petfinder. Her listing should have been in the section of Guinea Pig Zone for private listings.

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Guinea Pig In Need Of Rescue

Hello my name is Anecia Clark. I have a guinea pig named Rollsvelt in
need of a good home. I have moved into a new residence and they do not
allow small animals. I was inquiring if there is any way you guys
could help me find a good place for him. He's over a year old and a
really sweet boy. He has a cage and a bowl and he's litter pan
trained. If you guys could rescue him or let me know of any other
options it will be very much obliged.

Owner's reply

Anecia I have responded to your emails a couple of times. Please check your spam folders if you are not receiving them. There is a place on this site under the Guinea Pig Directory to list your pigs yourself. If you are having trouble I'm sure the site owner can help.

This listing is not affiliated with our rescue.

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Guinea Pigs (2) Need a Good Home

My daughter took in two female guinea pigs from a friend who was moving out of state.Unfortunately her sister seems be to allergic to them. They are over a year old, have a cage and are litter pan trained.

If you know someone who has a good home and can adopt them I would be grateful. Thanks for looking!

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But I want THAT one!

Yes, that one is adorable and looks just like the one you must have for your very important reason or you will not be able to go on living. But, there are many more in your area that are just as wonderful. Perhaps they are not listed here, but they can be found. The piggy in need waiting for you near your own back yard might look a little different, but could melt your heart anyway!

Need help finding one or two?

We can help you. Take a look here for some great links and suggestions. And if you still need help with your search, check that page to reach out to us for some specific assistance. Volunteers are standing by willing to help you!

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