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Bellevue Cavy Critters Available Fosters!


Bellevue Cavy Critters Available Fosters!


Bellevue Cavy Critters Available Fosters!

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Hi Everyone,

Bellevue Cavy Critters is a local foster and adoption center for primarily guinea pigs. We have been fostering and adopting out guinea pigs for several years now and have seen each of our little critters find long loving homes. Each of our guinea pigs are given a health assessment, socialized with other guinea pigs, fed and cared for diligently and with love to ensure a long healthy life as they move onto their new adventures with their families. We have anywhere from senior, adult, adolescent, and baby cavies come to our location in which we provide a warm place to stay full of fun and love until they find their new forever home.

We seek out anyone who understands the responsibility of caring for these creatures and believes in adopting. We are an anti breeding facility and do not support the breeding of these animals for their safety and well being. Any and all babies we receive we have either raised due to fostering a pregnant guinea pig or the babies were released to us with their mother before weaning age. We will not rehome our fosters with an opposite sex mate (unless spayed/neutered) but we do love to see our fosters be adopted with a mate if possible and if we have approved of fosters to pair them with since guinea pigs are social critters who love the company. Experienced guinea pig owners and new guinea pig owners are welcome to inquire about our fosters. Please do not inquire about our fosters if intended for breeding or other harmful/fatal intentions.

We love to show off our piggies and pamper them so we recently hired a professional photographer to give each of our fosters a fun little photo shoot and we had a blast getting our picture taken! (please text or email us for additional photos as well!). If you would like additional information about our guinea pig please contact us!

Please keep in mind we are a private home based foster so you will not be picking up your guinea pig from a large shelter or store. We care for these babies out of our home and spend several hours a day trying to spread the word about our guinea pigs and trying to find forever homes all on our own. We also would like to mention that we are building a guinea pig community for our foster's and adopters which you can find through facebook at www.facebook.com/bellevuecavycritters. Once you adopt your little critter you can add us on facebook, write a review of your experience adopting from us, keep us updated on your new family member, post photos, ask questions, share videos, inquire about current fosters, and spread the word about our foster to friends and family! You can also rely on the members to help you with information and advice and watch our community grow while keeping up to date with the new additions as well as watch our piggies find new homes! we highly encourage to stay in touch through our page and possibly return if looking to adopt another piggy! Also, please check out our official website www.bellevuecavycritters.weebly.com. We have all our available piggies listed on there as well as all of our services we offer.

Please feel free to join our community and browse the piggies but remember, although it is fun to look around at all the piggies we have, these little ones aren’t like shopping for a car and discourage the mentality of "shopping" for a pig as each of our fosters are fantastic and we would love to find each of them a loving home regardless of age, gender, breed, and fur pattern. They all have a lot of love to share and adventures to go on.

Adoption Fees vary. You can find more information on our webpage but typical fees are $30 for 3 months or younger, $25 for 4-6 months and $20 for adults *fees may vary depending on age, disability, altered etc. They do not come with additional accessories or a cage so please have those things ready or have plans to acquire them. Please keep in mind that the ideal cage space for an adult guinea pig is at least 7 sq. ft. and 2 more sq. ft. per added piggy. All of our guinea pigs are on a dry plain pellet diet and timothy hay every day along with lots of fruits and veggies. If interested in adopting please contact us through email, text or phone. If coming to pick up, please remember to bring a carrier or something to ride with on the way home and a small blanket or towel to prevent from sliding around while traveling. We are located in Bellevue WA and will only provide our location to those who have committed to adopting a particular pig as we do not allow the adopters to come over just to take a look and "shop" around. We do not ship guinea pigs but we do offer delivery of your furry friend for an additional fee depending on location (must live in washington). We also will hold a guinea pig up to 5 days for an additional fee as well.

Adoption is easy as we run our foster out of our home and we will have your piggy all prepared for you once you arrive. We will provide you with necessary information, have you pay the adoption fee (cash/check/paypal) and sign our adoption form and off you go! If you are interested in another one of our fosters you saw on our facebook page, please specify prior to arrival so we can have you meet them when you come by.

Lastly, please keep us in mind if you ever run across an abandoned piggy or are unable to continue caring for your new piggy as we will always accept our fosters back as well as new comers who are surrendered to us. We wont be able to provide a refund though as all profits go towards the care, nutrition and vet costs incurred to the foster.

If you would like to find out more information about our foster, please contact us or visit our website www.bellevuecavycritters.weebly.com. Also if you are unable to adopt at this time but would still like to support our foster, you can help with donations via drop of of food/hay or through paypal which you can find on our webpage under the donations tab.

Thank you and i hope you will adopt from us!

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Sorry, NO. Please do not contact the owner and ask about shipping guinea pigs. It is NOT possible. Please look for guinea pigs LOCAL to you! That's what this site is for--helping you find a guinea pig close to home to adopt and love.

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Yes, that one is adorable and looks just like the one you must have for your very important reason or you will not be able to go on living. But, there are many more in your area that are just as wonderful. Perhaps they are not listed here, but they can be found. The piggy in need waiting for you near your own back yard might look a little different, but could melt your heart anyway!

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