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4 months ago


2 Male Guinea Pig Brothers 4 months ago

looking to rehome our 2 guinea pigs. both males, approximately 4 years old. believed to be siblings, so must stay together. asking a small rehoming fee of $50 to ensure they will go to a loving new home. will include cage, water bottle, food bowl, hay bin, and half a bag of food. 

2 male guinea pigs 1 1/2 years old 7 months ago

The Guinea pigs have grown up together. One is all white with a small tan spot on his right eye, he is the runt and is actually quite smaller than his brother who is more normal in size. His brother has a pattern of white, brown, and red fur. They both do love affection, but the white one likes to wander and the other one loves to snuggle when held. I know when they are adopted they probably need a good bath and nail clipping. We will include a box of Timothy hay, 2 containers to put the hay in, and any other nicknacks that are in their cage such as blocks and a few fleece blankets. The white ones name is Snowball and the other is Snickers. The adoption fee is $30 for them together.

2 paired males 7 months ago

We have 2 bonded males that have been together since birth and get along great. There names are Joey and Chandler and there birthday is October 30th 2020.