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2 months ago

Would you please put some photos of your boy guinea pigs? Thanks in advance.

BART! fluffy multicolored friendly energetic! 3 months ago

He is friendly, a little bit crazy, and is full of energy. He has multicolored fur and popcorns when he is in a good mood! 

3 months ago

He sounds just like my boy Finn, the boss of my house and my fur baby guinea pig. Finn is getting really old and I am looking for a younger version of Finn. Lara was given to me by a friend many years ago, and also very old. They live in separate cages but it has worked out for us for about 5 years. Is he taken?

8 months ago

I have big place to house the two boys if they are still available. I am an experienced guinea pig owner, and have many fleece bedding to take care of them along with many toys to keep them entertained. Please let me know.