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Two handsome Guineas pig!!! 1 week ago

They are two beautiful and docile Guinea Pigs. They are friends and communicate with each other and also with the owners. They are very cute!
The color is two years and is name is Stitch. The black is one year old and it's called Banguela. 
We hope they find a wonderful and lovely new home!


2 months ago

My kids will love to throw a birthday party for them with a vegan cake!

2 male guinea pigs need a new home! 2 months ago


-Marty (after marty robbins) -all black-

BDAY: May 18, 2020

-Moze (after mozart) -black,brown & white-

BDAY: May 25, 2019

they are brothers and i want to keep them together so it’s both or nothin! they’re lil punk boys but they also have a sweet side <3 i am moving and can no longer care for them so my main priority is getting them to a loving home ! they love love love carrots and lettuce and sometimes snuggles :) </span>

*they come with their cage, water bottle, food bowl, hay distribution, and any leftover hay or food we may have when you come get them!

*bonus points if you throw them a birthday party in may with a veggie cake:)

Sweetest boy, Guini 3 months ago

Guini is the sweetest piggy ever, for real. He is shy and will get some time to adapt, but when he starts to sniff and lick you, it will melt your heart. He is 6-7 months max. He loves lettuce and carrots, he won't eat all at once but will try to before anyone steals his treats. Guini was not the dominant here, but he knows how to defend himself if he needs to. He can jump over a bullie like no other piggy! His little ears get very pink when he's running/jumping, it's really adorable. 

I have lots of food I can donate and Guini's favorite hide. ?

Adorable boy that I've been calling Currie 3 months ago

Currie doesn't always attend to his name, so I believe it would work if you want to use a different one. He is 6-7 months top. He is an adorable boy who loves his carrots. Currie is a very brave and curious piggy, he likes to run in the evening and never miss his nap around noon. It might take some days for him to get used to the new environment, but be patient, bring treats, and he will soon be loudly reminding you to give him attention and food.

I have a 2x4 C&C cage, water bottle, food rack that I can donate, also he has two favorite hides.. Lots of hay and some carrots are also available. 

3 months ago

Hi, is he stil available?

3 months ago

Hi, Is he still available?