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2 males piggies to re-home SAP 3 months ago

3 months ago

Still available?

Guinea Pig up for adoption 3 months ago

Leilanis Legacy Animal Rescue 3 months ago

Leilanis’ Legacy Animal Rescue (LLAR) is devoutly dedicated to positively impacting the lives of those who undoubtedly influence ours in a huge, positive way. Knowledge truly is power, and the power of communication is what is genuinely the difference between a forever home/fur baby, and a pet. We at LLAR don’t adopt out just PETS. We save, love, nurture & adopt out FAMILY.
Our scope of rescue ranges from stray, surrendered, unwanted, kill shelter lists, convenience euthanasia, to just clearly bad situations. Focusing on educating owners on welcoming a new member to the family, we believe a lot of the reason for owner surrender is because people do not recognize animals for what they are and have to offer. They provide us with the unconditional love & support that any family member should, and they deserve the same in return. We need to earn the gift that they give us by treating them with a full, happy life and communicating with them in an effective way. We thoroughly interview all relations to the intake in order to ensure the new home is safe and the adoptive parents are truly bringing a furever family member home. We partner with trainers in order to provide basic lessons to owners to communicate with their family without frustration & assist in providing guidance for any ongoing education & care needs. This knowledge that most adoptive parents do not receive, will create a significant improvement in the turn-over rate of fur babies and decrease the rate of abuse and neglect. Many people don’t know how pets learn/communicate so they get tired and give up. We want to prevent this as much as possible with our rescues. 

Lulu's Farm Rescue and Adoption 3 months ago

All adoptions require an adoption contract. We encourage adoption or two or more are they are very social animals we will consider single adoptions to home with existing cavy's in the home. a photo of the cage set up will need to be sent along with all the cage mates and sex's when inquiring about one of our rescues. We do not adopt to breeders and all guinea pigs are adopted out to be pets only. 

Rehoming 3 year old male Guinea Pig- Javi 3 months ago

Javi is a sweet boy who loves to be held. His favorite spot to be pet is right behind the ears. His favorite snack is spinach and he loves his green bed. 

Need to Find a Loving Home for Princess 3 months ago

Princess is about 3 years old. We adopted Princess from Petco and have raised her in a very social environment. Princess is very friendly and likes a good cuddle and ear rub. She is use to playing with three little boys and a dog and is very comfortable. She does not like cats. 


We have a cage, extra bedding, food, water bottle, and some toys that we can send home with you too :-)

3 months ago

Is she adopted?