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Momma & 3 Babies for adoption!! 3 weeks ago

Born January 9th! Not yet of weaning age to adopt out. However looking to find homes for them before then n for the momma as well. The momma is young, she was born September 5th of 2020. I have yet to sex them however I am asking 25 for males n 35 for females. I can be flexible with meeting n times for the adoption process! I have a second on the way n will not be able to provide the space n time for this many guinea pigs. I only want what’s best for them n to find the perfect family!! If you are interested at all with any of them plz contact me at 330-801-7778. Preferably text- I get scam calls all the time so I’m notorious for not answering. If you call PLEASE leave a voicemail! I cannot wait to see who is up to adopting out one of these cuties to add A addition to their family. If you also have any questions regarding guinea pics please lemme know as well please don’t hesitate! Good day to all!! Again contact: 330-801-7778. I don’t check my emails no more either. 

Baby bonded sisters 3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

Hello, I just commented to say that those aren't American guinea pigs. The one with the little bit longer fur is a Abyssinian guinea pig (which is worth about $30-$80) and the other one is a Crested guinea pig (which is worth about $20). If you could edit the bio that would be wonderful so others will know that they aren't just normal American guinea pigs. American guinea pigs are the most common and they are cheaper. Thank you and have a great day/night!

2 Fabulous Guinea Pigs 3 weeks ago

Two beautiful sweet Guinean pigs. No health issues. 

2 months ago

I was looking around at guinea pigs when I saw this. There was a few things that caught my eyes on his bio. First thing, he is not a American guinea pig, he is a Abyssian guinea pig. Second of all, it is nothing you've done wrong but you might want to add that he is a brindle morph because they are more of the rare patterns and can go for over $80 just for the guinea pig

2 months ago

One thing you need to change about their profile, they are abyssian and not short-hair

Bonded male pair. Experienced owners only!! 2 months ago

2 sweet girls for adoption 2 months ago

3 months ago

I have the same guinea pig! BTW: You might want to add that she is a brindle morph, which is a rare pattern. She is also not a short hair, she is a Abyssinian (it is not long but also not short like American guinea pigs)

3 months ago

I've been looking to add to my guinea pig herd when I noticed Mia. What's her personality? Have much does she cost (not counting anything else, just Mia)? I will not able able to get her right now (maybe later) and I already have a cage and lots of guinea pig owner experience so I won't need anything else that comes with her. (Keep in mind that I am not going to buy her unless she is going to be here for a long time and I have time to convince my parents). Have a great day/night!

2 sweet girls for adoption 3 months ago

3 month old beautiful female named Mia 3 months ago

Short haired 3 month old black and white female, comes with cage foods bowls, hut, and a few other accessories. Would like 200 for everything.

2 loving girl Guinea pigs 3 months ago

They are very happy pets to have they are kid friendly my one yr old has a better bond with them then anyone in the house once they get to know u they will walk up to the gate....rain is the more social able one she loves to be held once you pick her up and she is comfortable....sunshine is more of the shy one she stays to herself inside the house when people come around but love to cuddle up ...Rain loves fresh fruits and vegetables....sunshine is more on the store foods and treats....they also comes with a cage, bottle and food tray, bathroom corner ,and house .....everything can go for $100 w/pets 

3 months ago

How much is it just for the guinea pigs? Are they a boned pair?

Bonded male pair. Experienced owners only!! 3 months ago