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Maui and Buddy need a new home 2 years ago

Maui - three year old tri color long hair and 4 year old Buddy (black and white) guinea pigs need rehoming.  Used to be part of a daycare that is now closed

Single >1 year old male long hair guinea pig 2 years ago

My son wanted an animal to care for, and I thought that was great! We shopped around and finally decided on a long haired adorable guinea which he named stormy. Shortly after adoption I was his new caretaker. I have done everything for him to ensure his happiness, but I think not having a companion is preventing him. I have tried to no avail to get him a male baby as a companion and have come up empty handed. So, with a heavy heart I post this in hopes someone out there is in the same situation and could offer him a home w a mate... he is so sweet and funny.. will bring joy for sure...

2 years ago

Would love to adopt stormy! We have two males that he would be very happy with ♥️

California Northern Cavy Rescue 2 years ago

We are proud to be the largest cavy rescue that serves the area of Sacramento, California. (Which includes: Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Stockton, Natomas, etc.) CNCR always has atleast one guinea pig looking for a new home that is available for adoption!

Male - 7 Weeks 2 years ago

2 years ago

We would love to give this adorable guy a home! We can introduce him to our two males but if it doesn’t work he will be fine in his own space! We will be very loved and well taken Care of!

Jack! 2 years ago

Hi this is Jack! he’s two years old, loves head chin and neck scratches. Doesn’t mind being held and likes to be on laps. He’s a medium/large size, very sweet, loves any kind of lettuce carrots celery and watermelon rind :). 

He’ll come with food, hay, like new toys and a hay holder. Also any bedding that’s left over at the time of adoption.  30$ rehoming fee.  

He’s big and pretty!:) 

Female and Male guinea pigs for sale (young) 2 years ago

Two 2 yr old boars need a new home 2 years ago

These two males are both roughly 2 years old (precise age isn't known), and are not neutered. One is brown with white spots, and the other is totally white. They are lively and friendly, but a little shy around people they don't know. They are both in good health, although the white one is just a tad over-weight. I unfortunately don't have the time or resources to properly care for them any more, but want to make sure that these guys go to a loving home. Because they are both male and not neutered, they need at least 8 sq. feet of space so they aren't stepping on each other's toes all the time. I can provide my cage, water bottle, and anything else one might need upon rehoming. 

2 years ago

Very interested in these sweet boys are they still available ?

Babies brothers ready on 7/22. 2 years ago

These two cute babies will be ready 7/22. Both boys. There is a adoption fee. To make sure they go to good home.

2 Male Guinea pigs Bonded 2 years ago

2 Bonded Males Both about a year old. They love their snacks & hay daily.  If my son didnt make them so nervous they'd love to get cuddles all day! They deserve to go to a home and get the attention they need.  Rehoming fee $15


I have 2 cages  XL livingworld +  C&C cage from Amazon , 3 hides, potty , nail clippers and thinning shears for Datsun & Chacho everything is over $200 im asking $165 obo. This is separate.  The boys are $15 rehoming 

Thank you 

2 Female Guineas (mom and daughter) 2 years ago

She got the following in early February 2020:

1) 2 female guinea pigs (mom and daughter)

2) guinea pig habitat (see photo)

3) small animal waterer (see photo)

4) small animal feeder (see photo)

5) small animal house (see photo)

6) play tube (see photo)


Looking to rehome to someone who will love them give them daily attention. 


Asking $125 ($180 spent)

2 years ago

Do you have a website? So I can see who is available for adoption?

2 years ago

Have they been adopted?