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3 years ago

Hi! I was interested in adopting a pair listed on your website. Unfortunately, I received a failure to delivery notice using the email listed to send the adoption form. Is there another way I could contact you?

Two, intact, male guineas seek forever home 3 years ago

Elvis is an intact male, black and white long haired guinea pig. He is extremely friendly, and craves attention. Elvis loves to spend time out of his enclosure, and will run and hop about the room when given a chance. He is very fond of spending time outside in the grass and tolerates a harness. Elvis will crawl into your lap and enjoy a brushing when he trusts you. Elvis’s favorite food is the occasional blueberry or raspberry! 

Bean is an intact male, orange, black and white short haired guinea pig. Bean is more shy and reserved than his friend, Elvis, but he is extremely sweet. You can often find Bean half-in half-out of his hide. When Bean grows to trust you he’ll allow you to pet his nose, but doesn’t seem to like full body pets. Once in your lap, Bean will happily fall asleep as you stroke his nose or scratch his ears. Bean’s favorite food is carrots and he prefers the soft parts of leafy greens, often leaving the crunchy bits for Elvis. 

Both sweet boys are easy to groom, bathe, and stay still for nail trimmings. Neither piggies have any known health concerns.  

Rehoming fee of $100 required to cover the costs of two carriers, one large enclosure, grooming tools, enrichment toys, food, and bedding.