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1 month ago

Will love to have her

Long Haired Guinea Pig with Cage and Accessor 1 month ago

Long haired Guinea pig. Comes with cage and accessories. Will send pics if interested. Located in toms river.

Friendly long haired female 1 month ago

Our guide pig girl is about 2.5 years old and she has been loved for a few years by our family of four children. She has even spent time in our son’s kindergarten class and is great with kids.  She has a beautiful coat that is longer than an American guinea pig... with cute callocs.

Female Guinea Pig (~5y/o) 1 month ago

This pig is named Dash, we named her that because she is very hyper, wild, and crazy. We adopted this guinea pig with my other one listed Tidbit. I am rehoming them separate because they started fighting and do not like each other like they used to. Dash is very crazy and wild, true to her name. She needs to be a singular pig caged separate form other. She does not like her nails to be trimmed but if you go nice and slow she is okay. She does not really like to be held a lot as she gets antsy. Unfortunately we did not spay her when she was younger, so she has developed ovarian cysts. She is still healthy for the most part, still eating, drinking, and pooping. We really want her to have a good home with a loving owner, so only serious adopters only.

Alfredo & Snowball 1 month ago

They're very special to me, Alfredo and I have movie nights frequently and he loves Hay very much. 
I wish I could bring them with me to school but I sadly cannot. 
I'm looking for a home that is going to love him and take care of him. 
Snowball(short hair) loves fresh veggies and cuddles! Please make sure to give them fresh veggies!