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3 months ago

I am interested in the cage.

Mom and 2 daughters (black & white) 3 months ago

1 mom and 2 female babies. Snow is the mom and the girls are Elsa and Ana. Although they are all black and white they do have different markings. Elsa has a thin white stripe that looks like hair just like Elsa in Frozen. And Ana simply has a random red patch on her butt. 

They all may be hard to catch  but one you get them, Snow is very calm and chill  Elsa is sweet and shy  and Ana is very bold and adventurous! 

They are obviously bonded. And would come with their 3 igloos, any chew toys they have, treats, clippers, any food and bedding they have, water bottles, food bowls, and their big 6ft by 2.5ft cage. 


3 months ago

Are they still available