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Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue 2 years ago

We prefer communication via e-mail. We are no longer rescuing guinea pigs but do still provide boarding services.

Cavy House rescues guinea pigs from local shelters and provides the necessary veterinary care and socializing so that they become adoptable and are then placed into loving, forever homes.

The rescue is located in our home in La Honda, which is in the northern end of the Santa Cruz mountains in the San Francisco bay area. We are 25 minutes west of Redwood City and about an hour away from San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Cruz. We are able to show you guinea pigs by appointment on weekends at our home or without appointments at our adoption fairs.

We work closely with other rescues and shelters and are glad to direct you to whoever has the best fit for you. Our goal is to get all piggies who need a home into a forever home.

We started our rescue in October 2005 and since then, have rescued over 600 guinea pigs. Our adoption fees do not cover all of our rescue costs.  We rely also on donations and fees from boarding guinea pigs.

We are part of the Rabbit Haven, a 501(c)3 organization.  To find out more about Rabbit Haven, go to TheRabbitHaven.org. Auntie Heather of the Rabbit Haven has many years of experience in rescue and has given us lots of advice and support.

7 years ago
Otto and Ice King - Cute bonded males 7 years ago

Otto and Ice King are a pair of adult, bonded males who are looking for their forever home together. Otto is an adorable white Peruvian while Ice King is a cute white American smooth-haired piggy. Poor Ice King started life out in a lab but was thankfully rescued by a kind lady who gave him a great home. Unfortunately, a family illness is forcing the family to give up these two boys.

Otto is a bit a of a character. He always acts like a little tough guy, chattering at me, but he is actually a sweet piggy who isn't hard to pick up . Otto would rather we not tell people that he isn't the tough guy that he pretends to be, but we want people to know what he's really like. 

THese two boys are looking for a home together.

7 years ago
Marshall & Gunther - friendly bonded males 7 years ago

Marshall and Gunther are a bonded pair of friendly, outgoing males who are looking for their forever home together.

Marshall is an adult black and white Silky while Gunther is a white American smoothhaired piggy. These boys had a great home but a family illness forced their family to surrender them, unfortunately. Gunther started life as a lab guinea pig and was thankfully rescued and transitioned to a nice, family pet (lucky guy). 

Please help us find forever homes for these two sweet boys.

7 years ago
Freddy & Teddy - 2 Very Not-Shy Boys 7 years ago

Freddy and Teddy are an awesome pair of very outgoing bonded boys who are always trying to convince us to leave them more veggies. They both come running to the front of the cage to see what we might be bringing them. These two get along great with no disagreements between them. 

In the foster home before they came here, they used to follow their foster mom around the kitchen. I guess they wanted to make sure she didn't forget them if she opened the refrigerator.

These two must be adopted together.