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Wheeker's Rescue LICENSING Fund

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Wheeker's Guinea Pig Rescue was started in February 2010, after our founder, Amber, got her very first guinea pig. She quickly went online & realized just how many guinea pigs are out there in shelters/rescues & needed homes. So Wheeker's Guinea Pig Rescue was started. We are a no-kill, home-based rescue made up of dedicated volunteers who open their homes and hearts to these sweet little animals until they find that perfect forever home. 

For almost four years now, we here at Wheeker's have been trying to get the funds together to finally get our 501(c)3 nonprofit status. But with so many piggies to take care of, the money never seems to stay put. Between hay, veggies, Oxbow pellets, bedding, veterinary care, & medicines, we tend to stay pretty broke & often take the money out of our own pockets just to insure these piggies all get what they need. 

So we are asking for your help. We still need $650 to get our license. If you can help, we would greatly appreciate it. Even a few dollars would be of a huge help to us. Even if we never reach our goal, this money will be used to take care of the rescued piggies here at Wheeker's. However, we do intend to use this money towards finally getting our license. So, if you are financially able, please help! Thank you so much for reading!

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