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"Ginny" the Pig



"Ginny" the Pig

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My children and I are allergic to our guinea pig, her hay, and her bedding, (pine AND paper bedding are both issues). We've been taking clariten daily and it's still not enough to keep symptoms under control. We've tried to make it work, but it's been 15 months now and it's just not getting any better. It's not a very good situation for Ginny either, because who wants to hold and play with her when you wind up breaking out in hives, having an eczema flare, itchy eyes or having respiratory issues/asthma exacerbated?

We have had Ginny since September 2017- she's probably about 17 months old. She is mostly black with a small brown patch on her eye and a bit of white.  She is a confident and curious pig and definitely thinks she is the queen. She likes to be scratched on the snout and just behind her ears, but no where else. She hates if you pet near her backside. She is very talkative and will rumble strut if she is irritated with you LOL. She is also very affectionate and will lick and nibble you. She is very smart and predominantly eliminates in the same two corners so that her habitat stays relatively clean! She is also very good about having her nails trimmed! 

She has been kept in her own C&C enclosure that I built for her. Her C&C habitat(s), food dishes, water bottles and any supplies we have for her will be included. We also have a small, store bought cage that we can include.

Before we realized we were allergic, we tried getting her a female companion and they absolutely hated each other. Turned out that friend we got for her was already pregnant. So then we had 5 guinea pigs. This is when all the allergies kicked into high gear and we realized what was going on. I had hoped that when we had rehomed all the other pigs that having just Ginny would cut back on our symptoms. It has helped some, but not enough. Anyway, when the babies were old enough to wean we tried matching Ginny with each of the female pigs but she would relentlessly attack each pig we would introduce her to. Maybe it's because she came from a petshop where she was in a small habitat with a lot of other pigs, but she just doesn't seem to want to be around any other guinea pigs. She likes having her own space and her people to herself, I guess. She has not been spayed and has never been bred, so she MUST NOT ever be placed with an intact male because pregnancy/delivery could kill her since her pelvis is fused now!

She has been a very sweet and gentle pet and if not for the increasing sensitivity to her, we would be keeping her. Having hives on the insides of my eyelids is not acceptable, no matter how sweet the pet. Having all of my children be on allergy meds year round and still having chronic congestion resulting in recurring bronchitis as well as having hives/eczema flares is not acceptable. Having my middle child needing his inhaler regularly, when he rarely needed it in the past, is not ok.

Thank you for considering our piggy for adoption. Please call, text or email for more information. Thank you.

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