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Bonded pair needing a new home!





Bonded pair needing a new home!

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Piggy Info

Bonded pair
Short hair

Rehoming because

Stressful home situation, its too loud for them as well with there being no good places to put them so its easier on them and I don't want to keep them to be stressed for their whole lives.

Two sweet lil beans! One orange, white and black one that is quite skittish but will come to feed from your hands as long as your very patient. The other is a more confident white and gray one that enjoys exploring new things, as well with plenty of romaine lettuce! The orange, white n black one is Owie and the white n gray one is Patri or Snowball(As other members of the family calls them), they haven't learned their names yet so you could change their names, it'll take a lil time for em to realize your speaking to them. They love veggies and have been exposed to cauliflower, broculli, carrots, romaine lettuce, napa cabbage, blackberries, and cucumbers. Please don't feed them too many sweets a week though! It's very bad for their health as its a lot of sugar. They can be flightly around sudden sounds or sharp movements so please be sure their in a quiet and comfortable area.


These two were adopted from a pet store that didn't know their genders or their exact ages, I've been caring for them ever since.


They'll come with a cnc 2x4 metal panal grid pen, a tarp for the bottom(it doesnt fit perfectly so make sure to use some cloth to fill holes up!) Fleece blanket liners(8 lil blankets), two hiders, a bowl for food, a full bag of timothy hay, their food bag as well with a lil dustpan n brush.




Adoption fee: 200 dollars, this price is not negotiable and must be paid upfront either in cash or paypal. I want to ensure my guinea pigs get a good home and the adopter will be receiving supplies along with a pen.


I will not be shipping my guinea pigs.

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