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Three Sweet Girls Looking for Home




Argent and Piglet
Makeshift Home
Maki Thinks the Camera is Food
Newborn Argent
Maki and Newborn Piglet
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Three Sweet Girls Looking for Home

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Piggy Info

Rehoming because

I work at a pet store where two pregnant females came in. In order to give them more space and in-depth care, I took the girls in for temporary care to give birth. I have one mom and two daughters now as a bonded trio left to be adopted!

Short story for context!

I work at a pet store where a bonded pair of female guinea pigs came in. I took them home temporarily to give them a larger space to decrease their stress, give them more in-depth care, and allow them to give birth in a more adequate environment. Because this is a temporary situation, I don't have a "proper" habitat, just a half cage that was surrendered with them and a playpen I attached onto it and essentially gave them a quarter of my room that I sectioned off.

I was not give names or ages (or even informed that they had been with a boar) at the time of surrender. Based on dental and overall health, we estimated them to be 1-2 years old. I named the moms Maki and Mai.

Maki gave birth to one girl and one boy on March 6, 2022. Mai gave birth to two boys and one girl on March 15, 2022. (Mai ended up passing away likely due to birthing complications.) 

When the boys were old enough, I separated them and was able to get them adopted out. Now I just have the three girls left.

Maki is a classic shorthaired guinea pig with black and brown patches on white. Her daughter is probably a Pink-Eyed White aka PEW Guinea Pig (not albino!) that I named Piglet. I have checked multiple times since her birth and she has no obvious deformities and appears to have full hearing. The other girl is possibly a Argente guinea pig with gold patches on white with pink eyes that I named Argent (creative, I know). Argent has more of a wiry hair type than soft and was almost curly when she was born.

Maki is more into eating than pets but she enjoys everything more if there's food involved. Piglet goes wherever her mom goes but is still skittish. Argent is definitely the most skittish and will definitely need more attention in order to get used to being handled. None of them are aggressive though and all are food motivated. I usually feed them veggies about every other day. I typically feed the Oxbow blended orchard and timothy hay, but I have also fed them straight orchard (which they like), botanical hay (lukewarm feelings), and oat (did not care for).

I will include several chew treat/toys, two water bottles with bottle guards, a bed, a rectangle litter pan, potty pads (if needed), Oxbow Adult Guinea Pig Food, and their hay. The makeshift cage/playpen I have is optional to take. I am asking for $180 for their rehoming fee and supplies. I am willing to work with someone on the cost though! I just want these girls to go to a good home because they deserve it ♡


Texting me is preferred!

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