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bonded trio of guinea pigs





bonded trio of guinea pigs

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34062 Beachpark Dr
Eastlake, Ohio  44095
In the US-Ohio-Cleveland region

Piggy Info

Bonded trio

Rehoming because

they need more attention

i have made the very tough decision to rehome my 3 girls. i love them more than words can describe but i’m doing what’s best for them and looking into a new home.

i have had all 3 of them their entire lives and this is the only home they have ever known.

ron - first & third picture
• ron is a female crested guinea pig. i got her as a baby in december of 2020. her birthday is december 4th 2021. she is my little chunk. she loves her treats and will warm up to you after a little while

santa - second & last picture
• santa is a female american guinea pig. she was born in my home on september 3rd 2021. she is on the skiddish side however recently she has really started to warm up to us. she’s the sweetest.

ted - fourth picture
• ted is ron’s daughter. she is also a female. she was born august 1st 2021. she was also born at my house. she is very vocal and loves to scream at you until you give her treats

all 3 girls are tremendous piggies and i love them so much.

supplies they come with:
~ 5x2 c&c cage
~ 6 ft table to put the cage on
~ 3 liners i made (not perfectly sized)
~ strawberry bed
~ wooden hide
~ 2 water bottles
~ 3 food bowls
~ litter box
~ remainder of their food (oxbow essentials adult guinea pig food)

~ additional 2x4 c&c cage. i was planning to upgrade them but i haven’t purchased another table yet
~ you could take the additional c&c instead of the table and connect them or take the additional c&c and purchase another table

i will be very picky with who these girls go to. they must go together. the new owner must send me updates and allow me to visit if close enough. if they need to rehome, they need tell me first and i will take them back and find another suitable home.
i would prefer an experienced owner however if you have done the research, i’m okay with letting them go to a first time pig owner. the owner must also agree to offer fresh veggies and timothy/orchard hay daily as well as keep them on the same brand or better quality pellet.

i’m located in eastlake ohio 44095, 25 mins from cleveland. i can travel to the right home as well. please let me know if anyone is interested in my girls! i have not decided a rehoming fee so we can chat about it

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Are these girls still available?

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Are they still available?

Owner's reply

yes they are. can you please text or email me?

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Can you SHIP?

Sorry, NO. Please do not contact the owner and ask about shipping guinea pigs. It is NOT possible. Please look for guinea pigs LOCAL to you! That's what this site is for--helping you find a guinea pig close to home to adopt and love.

But I want THAT one!

Yes, that one is adorable and looks just like the one you must have for your very important reason or you will not be able to go on living. But, there are many more in your area that are just as wonderful. Perhaps they are not listed here, but they can be found. The piggy in need waiting for you near your own back yard might look a little different, but could melt your heart anyway!

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We can help you. Take a look here for some great links and suggestions. And if you still need help with your search, check that page to reach out to us for some specific assistance. Volunteers are standing by willing to help you!

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