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Four Guinea Pigs in Need of Devoted Home





Four Guinea Pigs in Need of Devoted Home

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Stanley, Wisconsin  54768
In the US-Wisconsin-Eau Claire region

Piggy Info

Bonded group
Mixed breed

I have four guinea pigs with complete setup and accessories that MUST go TOGETHER to a good home (I will consider adopting out in pairs if I absolutely must). These piggies are my emotional support animals so PET HOME A MUST. 

Three females and 1 neutered boar. They are all right around 5-6 years old; the boar estimated to be around 2-3. These are rough ages. I lost track and the boar was estimated by the vet. They are pretty close, though.

Now, names: Sugar and Patches are sisters, the boar is Axl and the other female is Hazel. Sugar and Patches are together on one divided side of the pen and Axl and Hazel are on the other. **They absolutely cannot go into the pen all together because Axl, Sugar, and Hazel are very dominant and there will be a knockdown, drag-out fight and Patches is very submissive**.

Sugar and Patches I have had since they were 6 weeks old and they are very cuddly and affectionate.

Axl is the most dominant of the four. I have had him for about a year now and he is just starting to come around and not bite me so much but he is not cuddly yet. Give him time, though. He’s getting there. He’s a “manly man”. If he cuddles, it will be for about 5 minutes and then he’ll start showing his toughness biting at the blanket and wanting to explore.

Hazel I have had since she was 6 months. She is a lot like Axl but has become a lot more cuddly since I got her. She’ll cuddle for about 10 minutes and then she’ll want to explore. She nips a little when she doesn’t like something, as does Axl but she doesn’t outright bite anymore.

Now for the stuff that goes with:
-The pen is a 4x5 C&C grid pen divided into (2) side by side 2x5 pens so please make sure you have enough space in your house for the pen.
-(2) chloroplast feeding trays
-(2) hay bags
-(3) water bottles (the extra one is for Patches and Sugar)
-(3) 2x4 cage liners
-(2) igloo house
-plastic tunnel
-cuddle bed
-cuddle house
-a few stuffed animals/pillows
-roughly 6 fleece blankets
-fleece forest to put over overhang grid
-any hay I have left
-Sherwood pellets
-Bene Bac probiotic
-claw clippers
-Vit C tablets
-any veggies I have left
-Natural Science Vit C cookies
-Natural Science Urinary Support cookies
-any wood shavings I have left for the feeding trays

That’s all I can think of right now. I will add more once I look at everything.

I have been laying down a curtain liner and then a blanket underneath the whole pen and then putting the liners/fleece blankets down on top of that on each side of the pen and clipping the edges of the blanket around the pen (with puppy pads under Sugar and Patches side if using fleece blankets). PLEASE do not use puppy pads on Axl and Hazel's side because Axl and Hazel are highly attracted to digging them up and chewing on them.

MY REQUIREMENTS: I will have a list of questions ready to ask for anyone who is seriously interested in my babies. Please understand that current situation is forcing me to do this so I want to make sure they are going to a home that intends to treat them like I have and keep them for the rest of their lives. I love them dearly and this is not going to be easy for me.

I will also require 4 references: 2 family, 2 non-family and 2 vet references: 1 past, 1 present. **This is NOT first come, first serve. I will be reviewing answers to questions and contacting references and picking the best fit for my babies so please don't expect to be getting my babies within only a couple days.**

I will also require a home visit so I can get a feel of where they’ll be and the room they’ll be in. I can come before and in addition, I can deliver and help setup for a little bit extra in gas depending on how far away you live. If it’s a half hour away, no cost. If it’s more than an hour, I’ll negotiate but around $20.

Current adoption fees for 2 guinea pigs ranges between 20-40. I am asking $60 for my babies plus $40 to recoup some of the cost in supplies.

Please call with any questions. Thank you.

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