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Rescue Groups LOVECAVIESLOVECAVIES February 04, 2013 14111
Do you ship

Hi I'm interested in ANY of the guinea pigs you have . I would like to adopt 3or4 to add to my herd of 4 . I'm also a fellow rescuer . Do you ship or drive . I live in Tennessee . Do you think you could come here or ship them . Please call me at 9013268988 . If I don't answer then I apologize . I'm 12 years old , but I take care of them by my self perfectly and never need any help . Please help me adopt some of your guinea pigs I would take grate cafe of them and give them loads of attention . Do you think we could work so e thing out????:)

Owner's reply

We do not ship, too expensive and stressful for the piggies. Do you not have any guinea pigs locally that need homes? I am curious, if you are a rescue, why you want more, is it for personal pets , breeding or to adopt out?

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