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Second Chance Cavy Rescue


Second Chance Cavy Rescue


Second Chance Cavy Rescue

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7623 Flower Bluff
San Antonio, Texas  78240
In the US-Texas-San Antonio region

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Accepting Surrenders
May 2012
Guinea pigs
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Second Chance Cavy Rescue is a registered 501 3 c nonprofit organization that focuses on taking in unwanted cavies and finding forever homes for them.  We make sure they are healthy, well-fed and we work to match personalities with potential adopters.  We currently have babies as well as adults available for adoption.  We do require an adoption contact and  $35 fee for same gender pairs( this helps to fund the hay, bedding, vet care and daily greens to keep our piggies healthy!),  Feel free to call and make an appointment to stop by and find your next new friend!  We also give ongoing support with petsitting, nail trims, medical checkups and education appointments.  


Have a single piggie that needs a friend?  We can help!  We have extensive experience matchiing up same gender pairs successfully and have a 95% rate of good bonding with males as well as females.

We also have a Classroom Foster Program that we do with local elementary schools.  Teachers can foster a guinea pig, complete with cage and starter supplies for the school year and then, return it to us during the summer months. The goal being to educate kids on care, handling and respecting small pets, giving them a chance to interact with one without the comittment of owning one.


Check us out on Petfinder.com for listings of all our adoptables and also on Facebook


Diana Sandlin, Owner and Piggie Lover


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Where are you located? I have 3 bonded females that I need to re-home and im worried that I wont be able to in time. I have to move and my new place doesn't accept piggies!!

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Yes, we are still in business! Adopted out 135 piggies last year, which gives us over 300 piggies in new homes in 3 yrs! Check us out on Facebook and Petfinder,com to see what is new!

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Culinary Delight

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Please Consider

I am at 15 year old girl who loves guinea pigs and I'm trying to convince my dad to take me all the way from south Texas to San Antonio to see one of your guinea pigs i am wanting to buy 2 but i will really want to know first if you can give me an appointment to head there this summer thank you and please consider it

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Animal Lover

I am looking to adopt a sweet guinea adult or baby (prefer a baby). I do not agree with buying pets from stores, too many furr babies out there needing good homes! I am currently a foster mom to South Texas Persian Rescue. Would love to give a guinea a fantastic forever home!

Owner's reply

I know you love the two babies you got yesterday! Thank you for giving them a forever home!

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Hello! Can I make an appointment to visit your guinea pigs. The Easter Bunny brought one to our daughter and 20 days later he suddenly passed away. She is devastated. I have heard that pet store guinea pigs aren't the best and I want to get one that I know is healthy. The pet store won't refund money or replace the guinea pig as they only give 14 days warranty. We are interested in two as i have heard two together is better. Thanks so much!

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Hello! I live in San Antonio and I have a single male guinea pig around 9 months old, very soon I will be needing to get him a friend. First I am going to upgrade his cage to a bigger size, but I was wondering how/if you match guinea pigs personalities? I would love to get him another male to live inside his cage with him as a companion.

Owner's reply

The best way is to bring him to my place and we can see who he matches up with. contact me to set up a time

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My guinea pigs need a home help

Owner's reply

Tell me a bit about your piggies. Call me at 210-900-7749 and I will see what I can do

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Do you ship

Hi I'm interested in ANY of the guinea pigs you have . I would like to adopt 3or4 to add to my herd of 4 . I'm also a fellow rescuer . Do you ship or drive . I live in Tennessee . Do you think you could come here or ship them . Please call me at 9013268988 . If I don't answer then I apologize . I'm 12 years old , but I take care of them by my self perfectly and never need any help . Please help me adopt some of your guinea pigs I would take grate cafe of them and give them loads of attention . Do you think we could work so e thing out????:)

Owner's reply

We do not ship, too expensive and stressful for the piggies. Do you not have any guinea pigs locally that need homes? I am curious, if you are a rescue, why you want more, is it for personal pets , breeding or to adopt out?

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great rescue

ashley - use her email address listed above - toy lady@satx.rr.com - she's very quick to get back to you! I really enjoyed working with Diana :)

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piggy please :)

I'm looking to get a friend for my lonely guinea pig. I'm having touble locating your contact information, no number is listed. Can you email me?

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Come adopt a new friend today!

Have two momma cavies with babies- one set is almost ready for forever homes!

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Can you SHIP?

Sorry, NO. Please do not contact the owner and ask about shipping guinea pigs. It is NOT possible. Please look for guinea pigs LOCAL to you! That's what this site is for--helping you find a guinea pig close to home to adopt and love.

But I want THAT one!

Yes, that one is adorable and looks just like the one you must have for your very important reason or you will not be able to go on living. But, there are many more in your area that are just as wonderful. Perhaps they are not listed here, but they can be found. The piggy in need waiting for you near your own back yard might look a little different, but could melt your heart anyway!

Need help finding one or two?

We can help you. Take a look here for some great links and suggestions. And if you still need help with your search, check that page to reach out to us for some specific assistance. Volunteers are standing by willing to help you!

Adoption Jitters?

Are you a little antsy about adopting? Do not be afraid! Some basic precautions and you can be a guinea pig adoption angel in no time! Check out our "ADOPTING SUCCESS" article. Are you NEW TO GUINEA PIGS? Don't worry, we're here to help. Please check this page for some basics.


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