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KassysFurryFriends Guinea Pig Rescue


KassysFurryFriends Guinea Pig Rescue


KassysFurryFriends Guinea Pig Rescue

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January 2012
Guinea pigs
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KassysFurryFriends is a non-profit piggy rescue that I started up in January from my own home, I have an entire room just for the piggies alone and have big plans for this rescue :) I started of just getting a piggy form the spca and fell in love from there I adopted a few more and when I realized how many piggies really need a home or a really good shelter to house them till they can find a home it melted my heart and started the rescue. Currently my set up is 5 level c&c cages each level is 3x2s and they house the max 2 piggies in each now I know thats small but its the best I can do at the moment there are plans of them getting bigger :) just takes space and money.....all piggies get about 2 and a half hours of running around with each other as long as they are healthy and get along lol.

I plan on starting piggy play dates soon and adoption events and hope to get my rescue out there so more piggies can go out and more can come in :)

I currently have 10 rescues ready for now homes :)


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I am wondering how old the long haired guinea pigs are and if they are available for adoption

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Skinny Male Pig

Hi, I currently have one hairless male cavy and am wondering if you have a hairless male or know of where I could find one. Thanks!

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american short hairs

hi there do you have a female young american short hair

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looking to buy

i have one little one right now and i am looking to find a match for him seeing as i can not be with him 24/7

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I am looking to buy

Please contact me by email... antonia.lopez1996@gmail.com for more information about me and the home he/she will get.

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Can you SHIP?

Sorry, NO. Please do not contact the owner and ask about shipping guinea pigs. It is NOT possible. Please look for guinea pigs LOCAL to you! That's what this site is for--helping you find a guinea pig close to home to adopt and love.

But I want THAT one!

Yes, that one is adorable and looks just like the one you must have for your very important reason or you will not be able to go on living. But, there are many more in your area that are just as wonderful. Perhaps they are not listed here, but they can be found. The piggy in need waiting for you near your own back yard might look a little different, but could melt your heart anyway!

Need help finding one or two?

We can help you. Take a look here for some great links and suggestions. And if you still need help with your search, check that page to reach out to us for some specific assistance. Volunteers are standing by willing to help you!

Adoption Jitters?

Are you a little antsy about adopting? Do not be afraid! Some basic precautions and you can be a guinea pig adoption angel in no time! Check out our "ADOPTING SUCCESS" article. Are you NEW TO GUINEA PIGS? Don't worry, we're here to help. Please check this page for some basics.

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