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Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue


Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue

Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue

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Our Story

We prefer communication via e-mail but if you don’t get a timely response from us, you can call us at 650-747-0544.

Cavy House rescues guinea pigs from local shelters and provides the necessary veterinary care and socializing so that they become adoptable and are then placed into loving, forever homes.

The rescue is located in our home in La Honda, which is in the northern end of the Santa Cruz mountains in the San Francisco bay area. We are 25 minutes west of Redwood City and about an hour away from San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Cruz. We are able to show you guinea pigs by appointment on weekends at our home or without appointments at our adoption fairs.

We work closely with other rescues and shelters and are glad to direct you to whoever has the best fit for you. Our goal is to get all piggies who need a home into a forever home.

We started our rescue in October 2005 and since then, have rescued over 600 guinea pigs. Our adoption fees do not cover all of our rescue costs.  We rely also on donations and fees from boarding guinea pigs.

We are part of the Rabbit Haven, a 501(c)3 organization.  To find out more about Rabbit Haven, go to TheRabbitHaven.org. Auntie Heather of the Rabbit Haven has many years of experience in rescue and has given us lots of advice and support.

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Hi! I am wondering do you have texels? :) and how much would 2 males or females cost?

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Two Guinea Pigs

Hi! I have two female guinea pigs that I cannot take care of anymore. I'm not sure who to give them to. Will Cavy House accept them?

Owner's reply

Unfortunately, we've been kept very busy and full just handling the guinea pigs who are in danger at bay area shelters. I would suggest posting your guinea pigs on the adoptables sections of GuineaPigZone.com.

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Guinea pig

i am looking for a long hair guinea pig,will you let me know if you have any and how much they are,pleace e-mail me at jodykylie@yahoo.com thank you......

Owner's reply

Adoption fees are $25. Please check our website for adoptable guinea pigs:


We do get long-haired piggies occasionally.

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Guinea pig

Hi we havea male ginea pig so we need a female? you have a female? what we need for adopted?

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would love to have them

I would soooooo love to take them if you shipped. i have huge c@c cage and also have larger floor time area made out of a whole box of grids. I have three females and one neutered male. I live in henrietta Texas

Owner's reply

Sorry - We don't ship, but thanks so much for your interest!

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Can you SHIP?

Sorry, NO. Please do not contact the owner and ask about shipping guinea pigs. It is NOT possible. Please look for guinea pigs LOCAL to you! That's what this site is for--helping you find a guinea pig close to home to adopt and love.

But I want THAT one!

Yes, that one is adorable and looks just like the one you must have for your very important reason or you will not be able to go on living. But, there are many more in your area that are just as wonderful. Perhaps they are not listed here, but they can be found. The piggy in need waiting for you near your own back yard might look a little different, but could melt your heart anyway!

Need help finding one or two?

We can help you. Take a look here for some great links and suggestions. And if you still need help with your search, check that page to reach out to us for some specific assistance. Volunteers are standing by willing to help you!

Adoption Jitters?

Are you a little antsy about adopting? Do not be afraid! Some basic precautions and you can be a guinea pig adoption angel in no time! Check out our "ADOPTING SUCCESS" article. Are you NEW TO GUINEA PIGS? Don't worry, we're here to help. Please check this page for some basics.


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