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1 year ago

they have been adopted by a wonderful family with lots of time to give them, I'll miss the little guys but I'm thrilled for them.

1 year ago
Timmy and Tucker 1 year ago

Two adult males, identical twins. probably 2 years old( I adopted them from a shelter last January so I'm not sure). reddish brown sort of on the large side.

Very sweet temperments, they don't like to be caught but once you pick them up they are fine with being held.

Timmy is very docile and loveable likes to cuddle and is a talker.

Tucker is a bit of a bully he picks on Timmy sometimes and growls at me but hes really sweet he just has an attitude.

Whomever adopts them can have all their stuff, they each have an igloo, they have a large cage, water bottle, a ceramic feeding dish,dry shampoo an a hair brush ,a carry case, a playpen, nail scissors, and of course all the hay, food and bedding they have when you pick them up.

I am willing to bring them to you depending on where you live.