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Stevie is looking for a new home!


Stevie enjoys a pepper montage 2


Stevie enjoys a pepper montage 1
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Stevie is looking for a new home!

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Short hair

Rehoming because

Recently I've had a major decline in my mental health that is so debilitating that I cannot take care of myself, let alone Stevie.

I'm so sad to let my baby boy go, but I know that he deserves much, much better and I recognize that I no longer can adequately keep up with his care anymore.

If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please be patient. Try to reach base through e-mail if you can. Contact me at sgmurphy290@gmail.com Thank you.

Stevie the Wonder Pig! Wouldn't you want to take this glorious boy home with you today? 

Why I'm Finding Stevie A New Home

Stevie is a short-hair male I adopted some odd years back from our local rescue shelter. He is completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other, likely from overcrowding, but received a clean bill of health upon leaving and has never been sick for me. He was adopted as a partner for one of my other piggies, Roxas, before he passed some time ago.

He was a year old at the time of adoption, so I'm guessing he's about 3 1/2 years old. I apologize that my guess is vague--the last few years of my life have been plagued by severe depression and time is hard to keep track of.

That's what brings us here--once Roxas passed away last fall, (which actually happened while I was away in the hospital), my boyfriend and I discussed rehoming Stevie. But between changes in function, change in heart, and just other things to worry about it kept getting forgotten. 

Recently things were finally getting better as new treatments were rapidly working--and then I took a nosedive as soon as the initial treatments were complete. It was at this point when I realized that I absolutely am not taking care of Stevie. I had known for a long time, but, it didn't really dawn on me. I got had gotten progressively worse at cleaning his cage, it was difficult for me to make grocery runs to pick up vegetables, it would be sometimes weeks until I could afford to get him hay... I'm neglecting him.

I've marked the situation as soon as possible because he is in a home and right now we are feeding him, but I'm looking at a very possible scenario of losing my job right now, only compounding the issue--not only will I not be able to afford supplies, but he'll be further neglected because finances really hit my depression hard.

Please consider welcoming this boy into your home, especially if you already have males of your own! He'd love to show off his popcorning when you clean his cage and steal carrots out of your hands!! ♥

Update: I have changed status to Desperate. I can't hardly function right now due to underestimating the consequences of seeking a diagnosis when I realized my symptoms and am especially triggered in this political climate.

Basically I'm a freaking mess and this guy needs a home now because things are just not good. Please, for this little guy's sake. Thank you.

About Stevie
Sex: Male
Fixed: NO
Age: 3 1/2 years, maybe?
Gets along with others: So far, yes
Breed: Short-hair / Color: Br/W
Health issues: Partial blindness, but it sure doesn't stop him! :) He's like Daredevil when you open that cage!

Other important things I forgot to add:

Price: Negotiable. Asking price is $25.

Cage: I can provide a cage, but note it is a make-shift, non-standard C&C cage that has seen some better days. It still functions as it should and even is cat-proof, but is not a stunning piece of decor. It does however, apparently make a great scratching post per my cat's recommendation. 

Those who I would consider/not consider: Looking for an experienced owner who is looking to adopt with several cage mates in the near future if possible, but considering the circumstances a solo adoption will likely be considered.

Distance: We can talk about meeting up in-between if there is considerable distance involved. This may be less possible if the cage is needed to be transported by myself, as I'll need help.

I will make extra steps to make my baby boy happy if I can. ♥♥

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