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Pair of 3 Year Old Females - Black and White


snow white

Pair of 3 Year Old Females - Black and White

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Queens, NY, USA
Howard Beach, New York  11414
In the US-New York-New York City region

Piggy Info

Bonded pair
Short hair

Rehoming because

We adopted this pair for our young daughters 3 years ago, and while they were first excited to have them as pets they have lost a lot of interest in them and are very skittish to hold them (as the pigs are very skittish themselves), so Sow White and Belle aren't receiving the social attention they should. I'd like them to be rehomed with someone who will appreciate them and care for them.

This pair of sisters are about 3 1/2 years old. Bell is mostly black with a couple white patches.  She is very shy, will not eat out of our hand.  Snow White is a little more trusting and will allow you to hand feed her.  They are both a little hard to catch to pick up and hold, but after you pick up one, the other is more willing and doesn't run away as much.  One you have them on your lap they are very calm and seem to like being pet.

They've been getting a mix of pellets and hay along with fresh fruits and veggies. Peeled carrots seem to be their favorite.


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