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Two Beautiful Girls for Adoption- DEPERATE


Two Beautiful Girls for Adoption- DEPERATE


Two Beautiful Girls for Adoption- DEPERATE

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Locate & Contact

NE 42nd St
Kansas City, Missouri  64117
In the US-Missouri-Kansas City region
(816)605-8840 (text or email- I am wary of unknown calls)

Piggy Info

Bonded pair

Rehoming because

My mom is about to put Mischief and Nutmeg on Craigslist for free to the first person who wants them.
I can't bare the thought of them going for snake food, and I'll take just about any home, if you seem like you will do your best for them, do your research, and meet other requirements.

Mischief is a beautiful brown, dark brown, and white guinea pig, and mother to Nutmeg, a multi-shaded brown guinea pig, with a bit of white on the end of one of her front feet.

Both Mischief and Nutmeg are very sweet girls, though they both need a bit of socializing. Mischief came from a pet store, which are never kind to their animals, and Nutmeg has had some bad experiences with my older sister and her child.

Mischief got her name because when we (meaning a hobo in my basement) got her, she was in the back of the pet store for biting the ears of the other guinea pigs. However, I am certain that she is not aggressive, because she was likely under a lot of stress there, and she has never hurt any of the many, many guinea pigs she has been housed with (one male, and four litters of babies, including Nutmeg- PS, I tried to stop the breeder from breeding her, but he kept putting the male back in with Mischief). She is actually very gentle and kind, and very calm when held.

Nutmeg is also very sweet and gentle, but she tends to have worse luck with things. Because of this, and because of my sister, she is rather nervous around people, and will freeze when you hold her, her eyes wide in fear. I believe, though, that she will warm up quickly to a patient owner, who takes the time to give her the love and attention she needs.


Some things to know:

-There IS an adoption fee

-Text or email me instead of calling. I can/will rarely answer a call.

-Of course, they will NOT be housed with unneutered males.

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