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2 American Guinea Pigs- one black/one white





2 American Guinea Pigs- one black/one white

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Piggy Info

Bonded pair

Rehoming because

College student with job, do not have time to take care of them.

Our Story

These are two very sweet, American Guinea Pigs named Salt & Pepper (feel free to rename), one black with a white stripe on her head and short hair, and the other is white with tan patches and slightly longer hair. They were born around January 2017, they are big guinea pigs, the white one is the largest and most dominant of the girls, about 7.5 inches long and the black one is around 7 inches long. I would compare their size to 3/4 of my forearm but they are perfect size for kids or adults and they do NOT bite unless severely threatened or agitated, but they are good guinea pigs never had any experience with them biting.

Along with these guinea pigs I wil include their large cage and gate ($200 value), everything that comes with the cage and stuff I placed in the cage, all of their food (except for veggies), hay, wood chips, toys and bedding, newspaper, litter box, and nail clippers and more. Also, I wanted to mention they are not super used to being around children, but once they get comfortable they will have no problem with children. Also another important note is that they do NOT like to be separated especially for extended periods of time, meaning an hour but there really isn’t a reason to separate them because you can do things with them both at a time (feed them, play with them, bathe them, etc.). And please do not take them outdoors they do not need to be there. As for behavior, they’re tame, skiddish (like many guinea pigs), especially the black one (Pepper). I’ve found she’s very difficult to catch within the cage with your own hands but I will provide a tunnel like tube that makes it very easy to move the guinea pigs if need be without having to scramble for them with your hands, if you seem to be having trouble with that. Sometimes they will look like they’re “fighting“ but that’s just good exercise for them, they don‘t pick at each other often but if they do seem to be uncomfortable with each other, definitely try picking them up and playing with each if them. Food wise, they love their veggies and will not even touch the guinea pig food if you give them both that is why I don’t even bother feeding them guinea pig food, just veggies 2-3 times a day. Guinea Pig good is fine but they absolutely need their veggies daily (favorites are lots of lettuce, green bell peppers, carrots, and cuccumbers). Of course always have Hay for them (there is a compartment for that on the cage).

I will give you any left overs of this stuff that I have so you can see what brands I’ve purchased. I have mentioned a lot in this description but I would love to let you know more if you are interested in the guinea pigs, give me a call/text/email and I will answer any questions. I am setting a price at $100 for EVERYTHING (I’ve spent at least $400 so this a great deal for you) with a $20 Adoption fee which would save you around $300+ as opposed to purchasing them at a store with everything brand new. If this is your first time purchasing guinea pigs, PLEASE do your research on how to care for them. They aren’t high maintenance for a pet but they need to be cared for daily.

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