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Super Sweet Female Trio


Super Sweet Female Trio


Super Sweet Female Trio

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Piggy Info

Bonded trio

Rehoming because

Moving across the country soon, I can't take them with me. :(

Our Story

I'm beginning my search for the right home for my piggies because I'm moving next fall and I won't be able to take them with me where we will be living. These lovely babies were my first piggies, and it has been an incredible time, and I hate to see them go. There are a few stipulations with these guys:

-No feeders

-No Breeders

-Former experience preferred

-They must go together!


They come with:

C&C cage (Multiple grids and all connectors. Enough to build a stand, 2x4 cage, loft)

Hot Pink Coroplast 2x4 base

Lime green 1x2 Coroplast Cavy Kitchen

Yellow Backsplash Coroplast with Heart Porthole

1x4 Lime green coroplast custom base with ramp cutout for loft

x4 Halfgrids for the front of the loft

Yellow reinforced coroplast ramp to loft

3 Rainbow Elephant print Fleece Flippers

x1 2x4 Hedgehog/Red Fleece pad

x1 1x4 Hedgehog Fleece pad (w Ramp cutout for loft)

x6 1x2 fleece pads (hedgehog w assorted color opposite sides)

x2 10" hedgehog fleece pads

1 igloo

1 fleece curtain

1 fleece candy skull cuddle cup 

2 water bottles (1 of the bottles has a no-drip nozzle that actually doesn't drip)

Clear plastic run for cage to sit on (Makes cleanup of stray hay and poops a breeze for a standing cage)

1 box of Small Pet Select 3rd Cut Timothy Hay (While it lasts)

KMS hayloft timothy Pellets (While it lasts)

1 Ceramic food bowl (They all share one and this one can't be tumped over)

A small 1x2 cage to take them home in! (base is cracked a bit but it works)

If you want it, there is a 2x3 white coroplast base stored away that was their original cage size

Cage will be disassembled and packaged to the best of my ability for easy transport. Note: This setup is about 65" long and 32" wide with space on the sides. Make sure you have the space for it! All fleeces are prewashed and ready to go! There's enough fleece here for a more than a week's rotation of laundry.

Lots and lots of stuff come with these guys! Everything you need to have a fully functioning fleece-bottomed luxury cage with tons of floor space for popcorning and lap running!

There is a Rehoming Fee of $50 for these babies. Serious inquiries only! A guinea pig is not a Christmas present or a tool to teach your children responsibilty! They are living breathing creatures that need love and attention and daily care and vet care if necessary!  Also, these pigs will turn their nose up at cheap hay. They eat Small Pet Select hay only. You can buy it in bulk for a very reasonable price on their website! They will eat 3rd or 2nd cut timothy hay. Their pellets are KMS Hayloft Timothy hay pellets, but will also eat Small Pet Select timothy pellets. 

Meet the piggies!


I eat any and all veggies, especially carrots that still have the greens on top. I love my igloo and having hay to bury myself in! I'm unusually sweet for a piggy. I love people! When Mommy was away and her Mommy took care of us, I even let her pet me in the cage! I love head scratches and I'm a two year old albino abyssinian! Dont be afraid of my red eyes, they're full of love for you (and your veggies!)


I love spring mix more than anything! I'm a bit picky with my cucumbers and only eat the outside edge of them. I love my sister Lily and snuggle with her the most. I'm the head honcho in the cage, but I'm also timid like most piggies when it comes to new people. I'm a two year old, super whorly tri-colored peruvian! Get to know me and I'll be your best friend!


I'm the newbie and the lowest pig on the totem pole, but I love life! I eat all kinds of veggies but I especially love cilantro! It's high in calcium though, so I can only have it ocassionally. I'm still young, but adventurous and I have quite the big voice! I'm a 9 month old (we think) tri-color short hair! 



Text is the easiest way to get a hold of me! I work often and don't usually answer unfamiliar numbers. I usually respond quickly. I can send videos of the piggies and more photos if you'd like. Let me know if you are interested in giving these piggies a loving furever home!

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