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Momma #1 (three babies)

Uh Oh...

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Rehoming because

There was a male in the midst!

Our Story

Let's go back a bit, shall we?

A couple of months ago we went to the PetCo on Division and Francis and purchased two new FEMALE guinea pigs to add to our already lovely ladies at home. We asked the employee to please verify that BOTH piggies were FEMALES. He checked the undercarriage, assured us they were girls and sent us on our way with our cardboard boxes full of fluffy cuteness. Life was good!

Fast forward to today:

Husband: You need to go check out Toadie. She's getting really fat.

ME: It's just the season. They are gaining winter weight. I changed their hay and food - more calories for colder weather.

Husband: I don't think that's it.

Son: Kevynne has been humping everyone and I bet they're stress eating.

Me: Wait, what do you mean humping everyone? (I know that female guinea pigs will do this as a dominant act, but usually it stops after hierarchy is established).

Son: Humping everyone. She's very persistent.

Me: *thinking* persistence, humping, fat...OH NO!
*runs out to the guinea pig house, performs undercarriage check myself on two new girls.

As you may have figured out, one of the females was a male. Kevynne was KEVIN and she - no, HE - had been having one hell of a time for the last few weeks with anyone willing to party! And I guess ALL of my girls are hard core partiers!

So, we now have all EIGHT of our girls preggers thanks to Kevin and his magic Johnson! As a result, we are looking to "rehome" all of the babies that will be coming in shifts of every, oh I don't know, WEEK probably?!?

We are asking $10/each or take two for $15. The more you want, the better the discount! We already have three that will be ready in about a week and are cute as hell (at least Kevin got that right!) More to come and plenty ready by Christmas for sure!

DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT CONTACTING ME for feeder guinea pigs. I realize that there is a food chain, but find another source for your lizard/snake/sicko self.

All our girls live in a heated/cooled insulated house that was built specifically for them. They have a HUGE yard for warmer months and plenty of love and food/water/hay and interaction. All the new momma's and their babies have been/will be separated into our now converted third car garage nursery which is heated/cooled as well.

All new babies come with nothing other than a carrier (see also cardboard box) and good health.

Please make sure you know about Guinea Pigs and their care and housing needs before contacting me. I will NOT rehome piggies to those who believe they belong in aquariums or other small containers. They also should be paired, so good discounts for those who are willing to take two or more!

And for those who are wondering:
Kevin was graciously taken back by the Pet store and placed in a CORRECTLY labeled space for re-adoption. I asked them to put a label on the cage with "Hump Master G" written on it, but they refused. I just thought it would be nice for people to know what they might be getting themselves into with that one.

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